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Dee Dee Lacy

Sterling Silver and Semi-Precious Stones
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  Druzy Pyrite

Lovely Druzy Pyrite, wrapped in GF wire. Finished length about 2 inches X 1 inch. A good stone for manifesting and to remove negativity from your aura.



Druzy Pyrite
Pendant: $89






Pyrite increases physical stamina, stimulates the intellect and helps to transform thought into intelligent action. It is a wonderful stone for use in wealth magic or assisting in  manifestation of needed energies. An excellent shield-stone, pyrite removes negativity from the aura to help one concentrate. Both earth and fire energies are captured within the pyrite stone; a perfect tool to assist in balancing (or activating) the root (1st) or base chakra.  Pyrite helps one to communicate more openly and honestly, providing both emotional and physical protection.


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