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Dee Dee Lacy

Sterling Silver and Semi-Precious Stones
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  Lepodolite Wrap

Nice piece of Lepodolite it's got a nice polish. Small piece but will calm the wildest of souls.


Lepololite Wrap: $79





Connects heart and crown to bring spiritual understanding to why we suffer.  Allows us to understand our place in life and the Universal plan.  Brings acceptance, calm and trust in life.  For many, this stone heals fear at its source in this or past lifetimes. It will help you to contact spirit guides, angels, and other entities you wish to converse with. It is an awesome stone to help one discover the spirit in everyday life. Plus, the feel of Lepidolite Mica is very soothing, just rubbing my fingers over this stone, makes me feel whole and that I am one with the Universe. Lepidolite is also used for balancing the heart & head and helping to lift the feeling of emotional depression (the more lavender colour).  The more pink version can also help in dealing with the emotional denial which can happen when the mental body takes over and tries to intellectually deal with the loss rather than emotionally feel it.  Lepidolite seems to be one of the most common stones for depression.  Pink Lepidolite works best if the mental body is more dominant and the heart needs to be brought into balance with that. Lavender or Purplish Lepidolite is better if someone is very emotional and the aim is to bring the mental body more into play.

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